The Beast flew in Chamical (Argentina) Mauricio Quiroga (SEP San Juan) won the Rioja competition.

It was a good test to know where they are standing facing the strong start of the road season. This Sunday, in the Riojan town of Chamical, Mauricio Quiroga gave the Union of Public Employees his first victory in this new cycle.
While several cyclists were competing individually in different tests in the country, Chamical meant the first joint presentation of the Bichos Verdes that are preparing to face the San Juan season that will begin on October 21 and also the great Tour de America and competitions in Europe

Rioja competition was developed on a track of 4,300 meters where the large platoon, where there was presence of all San Juan residents, turned for 3 hours. The end was a massive sprint where Quiroga prevailed to debut with his right foot this season.

“I am very happy to have added an important victory in a race where there was a great level and that will surely be the protagonists of the San Juan season. It is a good test to know that we have worked well in the preseason and to show that this new year we are going for everything “, said the mercedino.